Enjoy this creative, upbeat cookbook for the foodie and cat lover in you. The recipes are PURRFECT (couldn’t resist) for anyone… and will leave your friends wanting to be invited again and again. This will be a staple in your kitchen… get ‘Cooking With Clyde!’

Jennifer Abernethy, Best-Selling Author & CEO – The Sales Lounge

‘Cooking With Clyde’ truly is a marvelous book. The book’s energy reflects all of the dimensions and aspects of not only practical good eatin’, but also the appreciation of cooking as a way of sharing your heart with loved ones… to honoring family tradition and memories… and friendship. This book is written from the heart – to all of our hearts.

Tom Newnam, Artist and Published Author of ‘Memos From Your Soul’

Very few things are truly unique, but ‘Cooking With Clyde’ is one of them. Filled with sumptuous recipes and delicious stories – about her beautiful Italian mother teaching her to cook, fun meals shared with family and friends, and the humorous hypothetical musings of her beloved cat Clyde. Sue’s culinary skills are legendary; and as a cat lover, I can corroborate her claim that, indeed, Clyde has no equal.

Melanie Scarborough, Professional Writer

Are you always on a search for the next great cookbook?

Are you drawn to cookbooks that have fabulous recipes plus captivating anecdotes?

Do you have a feline buddy who frequently accompanies you in the kitchen?

If so, Cooking With Clyde will quickly become a favorite whenever you're in the mood to cook up memorable food, whether you have 10 minutes or 2 hours.

Are you wondering " Who is Clyde?" Clyde is my charismatic, plump tuxedo pussycat. The humorous commentary from Clyde makes Cooking With Clyde (CWC) the perfect gift for food aficionados who are also cat devotees. These individuals can now combine two of their loves: fabulous food and felines.

CWC reflects the philosophy that variety is the spice of life and cooking. It is the culinary equivalent of a suspense novel where you keep turning the pages because you never know what's coming next. The recipes span the globe and feature customized flourishes that make them creative. I am the " Singing Sue Chef" because to me cooking and singing go together like wine and cheese, chips and salsa, butter and garlic.

My cookbook is dedicated to my Italian mother " Toni." So why the title " Cooking With Clyde?" Clyde provides his in-depth perspective on this subject in CWC, but to sum things up in his words, "When it comes down to whether it's a better marketing strategy to have my picture on the cover versus Toni's picture, frankly it's no contest."

My goal in the kitchen and in life is not perfection: it's joyfully pursuing a passion with whatever level of expertise we possess. My credo: Get cooking and have some fun!