When I was twelve and my friends were reading Highlights and Seventeen, I was reading Gourmet.  While other girls played with Barbies, I pulled out the pots and pans.  In other words, I am a lifelong foodie.

While I am not a food celebrity (yet!), I have an ability to relate to the millions of people who aspire to be excellent cooks, who appreciate the rewards of creating and eating delicious meals, or who just want more adventure and fun in the kitchen.


Recently I fulfilled a lifelong dream, and published a marvelous cookbook entitled Cooking With Clyde (CWC).  CWC is a cookbook that embodies the fun, adventure and creativity that can be discovered when spending time in the kitchen… with a charismatic, plump, tuxedo pussycat.  Cat lovers everywhere will welcome a cookbook that provides an opportunity to combine two of their loves:  fabulous food and felines.